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Brett Sutton - Media Cover Up

Why is the Media covering up Brett Sutton’s Vaccine Adverse Event cover up?

6 April 2021: 3.33pm
Australian lawyer and corruption whistleblower “Peter Little” (Graeme Little Ne Peter POPE), and his courageous team, are determined to see this “scamdemic” uncovered, before any more preventable deaths and adverse reactions occur.


Corruption within Australian Public Health

Corruption within Australian Public Health

Corruption complaint lodged by Whistleblower Peter Little. The Complainant alleges Conduct by the Prime Actors that could constitute a Conspiracy or Corrupt Conduct or Improper Conduct in relation to the Australia Public Health Policy.


Dr Piesse – Whistle Blower

Dr Piesse is a whistle blower regarding the efficacy of vaccinations. More information about his supporting documents can be found here.



Cops for COVID Truth

Covid19 – NSW Police Whistle Blowers

A LETTER dated October 26, 2020, was sent to Michael Fuller Police Commissioner of New South Wales. It was written by a senior constable from the Coffs/Clarence Highway Patrol in NSW and signed by colleagues exposing their relations with the public and the lies around COVID-19.


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