Supporting Documents for Dr Piesse.


  1. Dr Piesse Dec 2016 Statement.   Download
  2. Whistle Blower Statement (update).   Download
  3. Allergy and Vaccination Abstracts.   Download
  4. Aluminium In Vaccines abstracts.   Download
  5. Autism and Vaccines Marsden KM 2002 Critique by JP.   Download
  6. Auto Immunity and Vaccination abstracts 1999 – 2018.  Dowload
  7. Auto Immunity and VaccinesYehunda Shoenfeld – BOOK.   Download
  8. Children Supplements to Boost Immunity against infection.   Download
  9. Diabetes and Vaccinations Abstracts.   Download
  10. Email from Asoc Professor Brian Hooker 2016.   Download
  11. Millers Critical Review extract.   Download
  12. Parental Reasons for not vaccinating – AHPRA List Summary   Download
  13. SIDS and Vaccinations abstracts.   Download
  14. Vaccination v Unvaccinated Controlled Comparison Studies.   Download