Brett Sutton - Media Cover Up

Media Release

Why is the Media Covering Up Brett Sutton’s Vaccine Adverse Event Cover Up?

(Excerpt from Document)

6 April 2021: 3.33pm
Australian lawyer and corruption whistleblower “Peter Little” (Graeme Little Ne Peter POPE), and his courageous team, are determined to see this “scamdemic”
uncovered, before any more preventable deaths and adverse reactions occur.

A series of five official Corruption Complaints name and shame major players in the corporate, treasonous Federal and state governments, with their historic push to
experimentally vaccinate all Australians with their over-marketed, patented coronavirus vaccines – see

As part of the Vaccine Hesitancy Week rolling campaign, the mainstream media is still strangely silent in reporting a disturbing rise in Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions, and sick leave required, which are detailed in the last three Corruption Complaints lodged with Victoria’s Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission since 26 March 2021.

(Excerpt from Document)